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Friday Reads - March 31, 2017

I didn’t get a lot of reading done last weekend because my good friend was in town, and I’m completely okay with it. We had a great time. The rest of the week was pretty normal—I read at night for a while and get as far as I can before I fall asleep. As one does. I finished the book I've been reading all week late last night, so I'm jumping into a light and fluffy contemporary (that was recommended as a comp title for Something Beautiful), and then digging into some backlist stuff!


Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles by J.M. Sullivan

J.M. is my publishing bestie and I loved her book! Even though I finished it last night, I'm mentioning it again because I enjoyed it so much! This book is totally outside of what I normally read, which feels strange to say, since I have been loving YA fantasy this past year. But zombies? I usually equate zombies with horror and that is NOT what I love. I avoid horror. It keeps me up at night. But this is a happy medium between the typical zombie story and lighter fare—a retelling of Alice in Wonderland with zombies. Or, momerath, as they’re called in the book. It took me a while to read it, but in my head, I devoured it—J.M.’s writing style is super fun, and you can see the Alice in Wonderland threads, but it’s different enough and futuristic enough to work and be non-obvious. I’ve enjoyed it so much. Full review to come closer to the release date!


On the Fence by Kasie West

When I was researching and asking about comp titles for a friends-to-more YA story, this one came up on every list and was recommended. And I haven’t read it! I have it loaded on my Kindle to read and see if it’s truly something that I can compare Something Beautiful to or not. And anyway, who doesn’t love a light and fluffy contemporary YA? (I mean, I guess maybe that’s just me?)


It's all about that backlist

Since this is the beginning of April now (as of tomorrow), I'm going to share a fun thing that I'm going to do this month. It's backlist April here on Brown-Eyed Twenty-Something and Diverse/Lady Book Project! I have so many backlist titles on my shelves and Kindle that I've decided to devote the month to them. So! Yes, I have lots of 2017 releases coming in the future, but this month is all about that backlist. Here's a taste of what's coming:

The SJM titles are specifically for the Tome Topple challenge, which you'll hear more about on next week's Friday Reads.

The SJM titles are specifically for the Tome Topple challenge, which you'll hear more about on next week's Friday Reads.

I'm defining "backlist" as anything published before this year, but the only thing I have queued from 2016 is Empire of Storms, I believe. Everything else is older. If I can manage to get through all of these books this month, I have even more backlist on my Kindle. I'll probably do more backlist months later in the year, but I have to get through a bunch of NetGalley titles too. Always more books! ;)

Happy reading!


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