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Blog Revamp - Coming This Week!

Hello everyone. I have some news for you!

Okay, I'm trying to make this exciting, because the actual news is that I'm too damn busy to keep up with two blogs. Plus... I've been in denial of this for a while now, this here blog hasn't had a theme in the entirety of its existence, and I think it's about time I pick a theme and stick to it. You've probably already noticed a theme was starting to emerge...

Yeah, this blog is going to turn into my place to talk about books. You'll get my monthly reading roundup, you'll get more book reviews, and you'll get updates on the Diverse/Lady Book Project, as those reviews will post here first. Here's where I'm hoping you'll get excited - you'll also get updates on SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL, which is a short THREE MONTHS AND ONE WEEK away from it's release! 99 days, to be exact. I'm in double digits! Ahhh!!

I'm sorry if this is disappointing to people who enjoyed by posts about running, wellness, and traveling. I really am. A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about self-care, and it took until I was writing about it to realize I wasn't living it. I've been spending too much time in front of my computer and not enough out in the world. If you want running updates, traveling updates, and dog updates, you can follow me over on Instagram. I'm all about those things there. :)

Since today is all about this announcement, the revamped content will start on Wednesday, March 22. I hope you'll stick around. With SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL just around the corner, I just know there's a ton of fun stuff up ahead.

With love (and books),


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