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Manic Monday - Travel Edition (NTTBF!)

During my February hiatus, I did a lot of traveling for work, but I'm going to skip over all of that - I hope nobody minds. Work travel isn't something I feel the need to document on the blog, necessarily. So I'm skipping to the most recent little jaunt I made - up to Irving, Texas for the North Texas Teen Book Festival!

I'll be honest - the only reason I made sure the trip fit into my schedule was because it was the only book festival I could attend that Brittany Cavallaro was going to be at. And I was fresh off a BC book hangover (after The Last of August, naturally) and needed a fix. So I got in touch with my friends who happen to live in Irving (heyyyyy Lizz and Michael) and planned a weekend trip where I could see and hang out with them and also go to part of the book festival. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.

The festival ran from 9 am-ish to whenever the authors decided to stop signing books, but I didn't go until around 1 in the afternoon - I enjoyed a lazy morning hanging out with my friends. I was able to see Brittany Cavallaro on one panel at the end of the day with Sara Shepard, Natalie C. Anderson, and some other mystery writers, and that was really cool. Then I got in line to get some of my hardcovers signed by Angie Thomas (heart eyes forever) and Victoria Aveyard. That was the crappy part - I own and fangirl over Brittany Cavallaro's books, but I only have them on Kindle, and the festival said that authors weren't allowed to sign anything other than books. So I despaired for a while as I stood in the long Victoria Aveyard line with my copy of King's Cage. Once I got to the front and got my book signed (VA is lovely, by the way), I was walking past BC's line... and there was no one in it! So I snuck past the line monitors (I feel strangely rebellious telling this story on the internet, but only as rebellious as a book nerd can be) and went up to the front and told her that I own her books, but only on Kindle, so I don't have anything for her to sign! But I love her! (Except, in typical book nerd fashion, I WAS MUCH MORE AWKWARD THAN THAT.) And she was the best and dug a bookmark out of her bag to sign for me (it's now on my refrigerator) and then took a selfie with me. And I inwardly fangirled and was still fangirling when I got over to Angie Thomas and didn't even have to common sense to tell her that we're Twitter friends and I love her (and now that I've read The Hate U Give, I can solidly say that I LOVE HER). And then I rode my book nerd high all the way back home.

You can tell I'm excited, because my eyes are extra squinty. Thanks for being awesome, Brittany Cavallaro!

You can tell I'm excited, because my eyes are extra squinty. Thanks for being awesome, Brittany Cavallaro!

So. That was my awkward book festival adventure. I'm probably always going to be that awkward (especially since the next book festival I'm planning to attend is going to have Jenny Han and Zoraida Cordova!!), and I'm strangely okay with it. I am who I am. And the funny thing is - I want to be the kind of writer one day where readers are so excited to meet me that they can't form coherent thoughts. Because, for me, that is the highest form of praise.

Love from me to all the book nerds out there,


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