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Manic Monday - Travel!

A Short Visit to the Space Coast

H and I wanted to do something to celebrate the end of his fall semester, since it crossed him over from "not quite halfway done with his Masters" to "over halfway done with his Masters." We wanted to go somewhere warm for a long weekend where we'd have some fun stuff to do, so we chose Cape Canaveral, Florida, where we could visit the Kennedy Space Center and hang out in the warm, humid, sea air.

Kennedy Space Center

What was the first thing we decided to do when we got there? Visit the Kennedy Space Center, of course! And it was really a neat, nerdy experience. For as much as I've always loved science, space has never been something that drew my interest, but that will definitely be changing now that I know more about the history and what's to come. If you're ever on the Space Coast, I'd definitely recommend visiting KSC!


As usual, I had to do some running while we were on our little vacation. On Saturday morning, H stayed in bed and I embarked on a 16 mile jaunt into the humidity. It was... not super fun, but it could have been worse. I felt pretty good by the time I was done - tired, but pretty good. And once it was done, we had the rest of our trip to relax, which is my favorite part of vacationing with H.


Like I said, H and I did some well-deserved relaxing on this trip. I read a book, he watched crime shows on TV and distracted me from my reading (because I was interested in the crime shows too - he was doing it on purpose). We took a lot of walks to the beach, where I tried to befriend the feral cats and H wouldn't let me. We saw a lot of cool ocean birds, a lot of cruise ships going in and out of Port Canaveral, and one really awesome rocket launch before we had to go home. I always have such a good time with him, and it is a constant reminder that I truly married my other half. My world would be vastly different without him in it. (I love you, H.)

After our trip, it was nearly time for holiday celebrations to start, so we've been a weird combination of busy and relaxed for several weeks. Now that we have Macy, little trips like that are probably going to be harder to come by, simply because putting two dogs in day care is expensive. So it was nice to have that long weekend.

Have you gone on any trips in the last month? Tell me about them!


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