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Wellness Wednesday - Woof!

Another month, another woof! I have a very special surprise for all of you following this blog today.

We added to our four-legged family!

Meet Macy. *insert all the heart-eyes here because she's already got my heart*

Macy is around a year old and is a German short-haired pointer.  H and I rescued her from a breed-specific shelter as a playmate for Ole.  She's already made quite the impression around here.

She's a cuddle bug and loves to sleep between us (we're going to have to try to break her of that because H and I haven't been getting much sleep). 

We're getting to know each other, and she is melting our hearts more every day.  Here's to many more years with our four-legged spotted buddies.  (And check out my Instagram today for a bonus video of Macy's first time in the creek behind our apartment complex!)

Double woof!


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