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Things I'm Loving (4.1.2016)

It's been quite a week!  I've been in New York again for work, so it's been a week of traveling and being by myself.  I don't mind either, but it gets draining after a while.  In any case, here are the five things I've been especially loving this week.

Running in New York City

Something that I always try to do when I travel is stay up with my fitness routine.  However... I'm pretty terrible at it.  Mostly because I like food more than I like running, haha.  But I need to remind myself - I run so that I can eat all the food!

Anyway, this week I was really good about sticking to my fitness routine, I think because I was here by myself and it was really nice outside.  Also, I'm running a half marathon in just over a week from now, so I knew I couldn't stray at this point in the training.  And it was lovely!  I had such a great time running along the water in New York.

The Intern movie

You know the one - Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway?  Anyway, I watched it on my flight out to New York, and I loved it.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes movies about #girlbosses.

The Serial Season Finale

I know that a lot of people fell off the Serial wagon this season, but I kind of loved it.  It was a little on the boring side at first, but as the season got going, I started to really enjoy learning about the different aspects of the military and why Bowe Bergdahl's DUSTWUN was such a big deal.  I would definitely recommend it, but it's not like the first season, so before you listen, you should get that out of your head.  It's completely different, and I was a fan.  Good work, Sarah Koenig.

My husband

Okay, y'all, I'm about to get sappy for a second here.  Life has been changing a lot for both me and my husband - I'm working to get a literary agent and he's working on his Master's degree.  I'm traveling a lot for work and he's left at home trying to balance a rambunctious dog with everything else.  And he always supports me, even though there are some really hard days for us where we both forget what the endgame of everything is.  Well, life is continuing to change in ways that I'm not ready to blog about yet (I'm not pregnant, so don't even start, y'all), but he's continually by my side, encouraging me and supporting me and reminding me that I'm capable and smart and hard-working, and that I deserve what I'm getting.  I love him.  Te quiero, mi amor.

Stephen King

And now, on to the other love of my life... just kidding.  But in all seriousness, I am in love with the current book I'm reading - Stephen King's 11/22/63.  I'm about 320 pages in (so a little less than halfway through) and I'm completely captivated.  I wish I could spend my whole day reading, all the time!  I'm going to try to be more regular about writing book reviews from now on, so once I finish this one, I'll blog about it before moving on to Poor Boy Road, which is next on my list.

It's been an eventful, exciting, exhausting week.  I write this from the spare bedroom at my parents' house in Minnesota, where I'm staying for the weekend as I attend my friend's wedding.  Life is good.  Life is fun.  I'm happy.

How was everyone else's week?  Let me know on Twitter or in the comments!


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