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Things I'm Loving (3.25.2016)

For my very first addition to Friday love, I have several things to share that have helped me get through the week.  Some of them have to do with my writing process, and some of them don't, but all of them have shaped my week into what it has turned out to be.

Note:  I'm currently in a location where I am unable to upload pictures into my blog.  I'm planning on going back and adding pictures after the Easter weekend, but I wanted to post on time as is.

Without Benefits beta read

Last weekend, I volunteered to be a beta reader for my new Twitter friend, Nicole Tone.  In the last week, I've been spending many of my spare moments diving into this book, and let me tell you - I'm LOVING it so far!  I can't say much else, but don't worry, I'll be reviewing the book on this blog closer to its release in June.  It's so good, you guys!


I've really transformed how I use Twitter in the last month or two, and it's been so useful and so much fun.  What started as a place for me to enter writing contests has turned into a community with friends and support and the whole nine yards.  It's becoming my favorite place to hang out on the internet.

My Backyard

Even though it was the scene of something that terrified me completely earlier this week, it's also one of my favorite places in the world.  Earlier this week, I had a day where I was bogged down by meetings and wasn't able to make the drive to the park where I usually run. Instead, I went into the park behind our apartment complex and tackled a wonderful trail that I hadn't tried yet. It was both a great workout and a scenic adventure, and I wouldn't trade either for the world.

Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital

Ole, our five-year-old English Setter, had a bit of an incident this week.  For those of you who don't follow me on social media, this is what happened:  We were walking through the park behind our apartment complex when we came across another guy and his two dogs.  I asked if they were friendly and assured him that Ole was also friendly, and we moved to walk past them.  One of his dogs decided to latch onto Ole's snout and not let go.  It was probably more traumatizing for me than it was for Ole, but he was crying like I've never heard him cry before.

But it all turned out fine.  I took Ole to Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital, and they treated him (and me!) like we were part of the family.  They understood that Ole was a tough dog who often gets a little beat up by nature, cleaned him up, gave him one little staple in his snout, and sent us on our way with some antibiotics.  Throughout the whole ordeal, Ole never seemed overly uncomfortable and they were extremely good with him.  We'll be going back, that's for sure.


It's the end of the week now, and Easter is this weekend.  I have the great fortune that some of my husband's family traveled here for the long weekend--I've been surrounded by them since yesterday afternoon, and it has been a joy.  Spending time with family at the end of a long week doesn't compare to any other feeling, and I'm grateful that they're here with us!

That was my week, in short.  How did y'all spend your weeks?


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