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A Brown-Eyed Twenty-Something Revamp!

Greetings, followers!

I know, it's been a while.  I took an unintentional hiatus from blogging, but it was for a good reason, I promise!  Now, I'm back, and I have some exciting updates to make to this here blog and website.

But first, some updates on some of the things I was writing about at the end of last year.

  1. I ended up not running the Austin Marathon.  It was a decision I made for the good of my body, as unfortunate as it was.  It ended up that I spent 6 weeks in New York in December, January, and February, and my training suffered tremendously.  So I chose not to run the marathon this year.  But there is always next year (and I've got my sights set on that!).
  2. I did run the Dirty Damsel Trail Half Marathon in the middle of December.  It was the most difficult race I've ever run, and my whole body hurt afterward.  But!  I finished 3rd in my age division!  So that was exciting and proved that my training has been working.
  3. I'm super behind on television shows.  Surprise, surprise!  
  4. My freelance writing has slowed down.  More on that in a bit.

And now, my blog and website updates!

I'm completely revamping the blog in the sense that I am changing what I'm writing about!  

While I'm not going to stop running, I'm likely not going to write about it all that much anymore.  I never looked forward to writing those posts, mostly because I thought they were boring, but also because I wasn't interested in becoming a fitness blog.  I'll likely continue to tweet and insta my training (which you can follow @amandamariegh on both), but I'm probably not going to blog much about it anymore.

Similarly, I'm going to keep watching (and tweeting about) TV, but I'm not going to blog about it anymore.  I can never stay caught up, and those posts are incredibly time consuming.  That's time that would be better spent elsewhere.

I never really got into writing about cooking, even though I had grand plans to do that.  I don't cook enough and I'm not at the point of creating my own recipes, so it's just not for me.

So what will I be writing about?

The year 2016, for me, is about following my dreams.  I've been harboring one big, giant, daunting dream for years, and I've decided to spend my spare time pursuing that this year.

I am already a novelist.  But I want to be a published novelist.

This blog is going to turn into capturing my journey.  I'm going to commit to three posts each week, broken down as follows:

  • Mondays:  On Writing
  • Wednesdays:  On Querying
  • Fridays:  Things I've Loved This Week

I'm hoping that this will help keep me writing each week and querying each week.  I have also decided to try to read more regularly, because the best way to practice a craft is to read about it.  In doing that, I've volunteered to be a beta reader and write reviews for several of my new Twitter friends, which I'm pretty excited about.

So.  Brown-Eyed Twenty-Something is going to become the testament to my writing and publishing journey.  And I'm excited about it, because this is who I want to be.  I want to be a professional writer.  I want to be a published writer.  And I'm going to work--really work!--for it from here on out.

I hope you'll join me in my new journey!

Love, A.

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