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Manic Monday - Travel Edition - December 2016

Tales from Minne-snow-ta.

Aside from the Amanda Reads posts on the first Monday of each month, the other Mondays are going to be called Manic Mondays, where I discuss the crazy things that motivate me and make me thrive. Once a month, I'm going to talk about travels - this month, about our trip to Minnesota last weekend.

Family Wedding

The reason for our trip was for a family wedding - my uncle got married to the lovely woman he's been dating for several years. It was so nice to finally officially welcome her into our family, especially now that she's all adjusted to our crazy. She is a Packers fan though - I know that might cause some (probably) harmless fighting amongst family members. (I'm mostly kidding about the fighting.) In any case, it was a pleasure to be there for that, and I'm glad we were invited. My uncle is my godfather and my cousins are practically siblings. It was good to be there.

Baby Showering

Speaking of cousins who are practically siblings - my cousin is expecting! She's due in late January, and this is the first time I saw her since she called to share the news over the summer. I didn't help a whole lot with the planning of the shower, but it was so nice to be involved - I got to be the gift recorder. That always seems to be my job at any shower or gift opening I attend, but I don't mind - I have fairly neat handwriting, after all. Anyway, that was so fun, and I'm so excited for her and her boyfriend. <3


This trip was probably the first time I've run in the cold since we left Minnesota, and man, I was not used to it. I dug out my old thermal running tights and everything, and my dad and I still cut our run short by about two miles - I was too cold! My legs were numb! It was so fun to run with my dad again, though - I definitely miss having a running buddy who can actually converse with me (no offense, Ole). I already miss that small little thing, now that we're back in Texas. But my parents are visiting us again in a couple of months, so I'll get to run with my dad again!


Yeah. It snowed while we were up north. And I was not happy about it! I love how snow looks when it's newly fallen, but I hate the cold, the wet, and the slush. Which is basically all of winter. So that made things a little sloppy, but it melted pretty quickly. I don't miss it. I don't miss it one bit!

Have you done any traveling lately? Tell me about it! I love hearing about people's travels.


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