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Friday Reads - December 30, 2016

The best thing about the holidays, in my humble opinion, is the additional time available to read. I finished Crown of Midnight in just a couple of days and have already moved on to the next, Heir of Fire.  This is one of the longer books in the series, so even though I started it way back on Monday, I'm still working through it.  Let me tell you - I am IN these books.  I admit that there are problems with them - the lack of diversity is the biggest one that jumps out at me - but the adventure is exciting enough that I'm sucked in anyway, even though I'm wary, even though I recognize that these could be written in a more inclusive way.

Heir of Fire is a little different from the last, and I'm not as into it as I was into Crown of Midnight.  But it's still good - it's just different.  Chaol's and Dorian's and Celaena's plotlines don't line up in quite the same way, but I'm sure it will all tie together in the end.

Oh, and did you notice the exciting news?  I got a new Kindle for Christmas!  Between that and the dog on my lap, I couldn't ask for much else.

Happy reading!


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