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Manic Monday - Quotes to Inspire - December 19, 2016

Once each month, I'm going to share a quote that has been inspiring me to keep moving forward and keep working hard on all that I do.  They sometimes may come from books, but they may come from other places around the internet as well.  Such as this quote to start us off with:

"Recognize your victories."  -Joan Benoit Samuelson

As soon as I saw this quote, I wrote it down so that I could see it on a regular basis.  What a great piece of advice for anyone who is working toward any sort of goal, whether it's big or small.  Recognize your victories, always, whether that's completing a run without stopping to walk or having a blog post hit a certain number of page views.  The small victories are what build to the big victories, and all of them should be recognized.

A victory I'd like to recognize

Something I'd like to recognize in my own life is my new half marathon PR, which I've been working toward for about six months. My overall goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon (one of many goals I've set for myself), and this is a good step in the right direction. I'll be fully recapping the race on Wednesday, but I wanted to throw in this personal victory of mine, which I am very, very proud of.

What's a victory you'd like to recognize?  Let me know - I love cheering for people!


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