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Friday Reads - December 2, 2016

Welcome to the first addition of #fridayreads! With a little help from my lovely editor-in-chief, I've revamped my blog a little and planned out what I'm going to be chatting about each week. Fridays will always be about what I've been reading this week, although it's not always going to be a book (probably). So! Here we go!

This week, I've been reading...

Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown

Am I the only one who didn't read this when it first came out, or even before the movie came out? I'm loving it so far, but not for the normal reasons that I love books - it's all action, all adventure, and that's been a fun change of pace for me!

Otherwise, I've been pretty much avoiding news. It's all so depressing that I don't want to read it in my free time. So I've been reading about Robert Langdon and his first adventure. It's the definition of escape!

What are you all reading? Do you have any good recommendations for me? I'm especially looking for diversity as I prepare to launch the Diverse/Lady Book Project!


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