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Scandal Recap - Episodes 6-9

Hey y'all!  I'm so sorry that I've fallen behind on my Scandal recaps, but never fear!  I've started a new thing for the rest of this season, as a test.  I'm going to do video recaps!  So here's my first one.  I hope you enjoy it!  

It got pretty long, since I was talking about 4 episodes.  The forthcoming recaps will be shorter, once I catch up.

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**Update (11/22/2015) - Someone on YouTube flagged my video for removal because they believed it contained inappropriate content.  That upsets me on so many levels, so you may be hearing more about that in the future.  But I added a trigger warning and a Mature rating on Vimeo, and that seems to be working for now.  Thanks for bearing with me.  -A.**

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