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Sneak Peek: Etsy Shop Reboot

Hello world! I only have a few days left here in India, and I've been spending them hard at work.  I'm talking my nose is seriously dragging on the grindstone.  But, in my few spare minutes (and a little over my weekend away, which I'll write about in the next day or two over at Work Amanda in India), I've been planning my Etsy shop reboot.

I'm a side hustler.  It's never something I've sought out, but I just am.  I get bored if I'm only doing one thing for long, and I like letting that creative side of me out.  That's where this is coming from.  I'm also hoping to use it for some gift-giving, if I can find the right words for certain people.

I'll be writing more regularly once I'm home with H and my life is settled back into the correct time zone.  I'm excited about what is to come!

In the meantime... enjoy these doodles!


DSCN6332 DSCN6373 DSCN6374 DSCN6375

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