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What is The Bachelor doing this season?

Now, if you've read my blog in the past, you probably know that I sometimes recap episodes of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and sometimes I even talk about Bachelor in Paradise.  But that is not what I'm doing today.  No, no.  Today is something a little more somber. I want to know what the heck is going through the mind of this season's particular Bachelor, Chris Soules.

If you haven't been watching this season, I can tell you that some crazy things have already happened.  There's a twenty-one year old with a toddler who believes in aliens and likes men with big noses.  There's a twenty-six year old freelance journalist from Indiana who dresses like a gypsy and is apparently a virgin.  And there have already been more than one drunken mess who somehow gets more camera time than she probably should, all for people's entertainment.  But nothing compares to Ashley S.

Ashley S. is a hairstylist from Brooklyn.  Now, this strikes me as weird for several reasons.  First, how is she a hair stylist?  Her bangs are the weirdest.

bachelor ashley s 1

Second, she must be a Brooklyn transplant, because she certainly doesn't sound like she's from Brooklyn.  Or third... why does Reality Steve say she's actually an assistant controller for a chemical company in Atlanta?  Huh?  In any case, she has become a source of entertainment on the show in the first two episodes because of her crazy antics.  In the first episode, she thought a pomegranate was an onion and proceeded to pick it and say that she felt powerful.  In the second episode, she didn't understand why she couldn't shoot the other contestants with paintball guns and was shooting already-dead zombies (played by actual humans) at point blank range.  She was also on her hands and knees talking to a cat.  It begs the question...

Are we laughing and finding entertainment in someone's mental illness?

Now, it has been suggested (by at least one of the other girls on the show) that Ashley S. is just fine... other than that she's on something.  Something powerful, and potentially hallucinagenic.  Or maybe she's just drinking a lot and she can hold her liquor well, other than talking about strange things for no reason.  And picking pomegranates from the side of the Bachelor mansion.  But the more I watch, the less funny I think it is.

Because she seems manic.  Completely and utterly manic.

Bipolar disorder is not funny, along with any other psychological disorder that may cause this kind of mania.  None of it is funny.  It's something that people have to live with, and try to function with in the real world.  I'm not laughing, because I don't think she's just crazy.  I think there is something actually wrong, and that no one is noticing because they are too busy laughing.  I'm concerned for her well-being in that house.

I'm concerned.  And I think they've taken it too far this season.

Again, there is a pretty good chance I'm wrong.  The editing that goes into these shows before they air is incredible.  People get edited in certain ways that make them appear to be something they are not, whether it's drunk off her ass, whiny, bitchy, what have you.  So, this could be a creative edit.  But... I don't know.  I've seen her eyes.  And they frighten me.

"Silence! I keel you!"

Is anyone else watching this season?  What do you think?


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