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A New Endeavor - Professional Outfits of the Day

I know what you're thinking - A, you just posted a blog yesterday!  I thought you weren't doing a daily blog anymore?  (These were actually H's words to me, when I told him that I would start the laundry, but I have this blog idea that I want to write first.)  No, I am not planning on posting a blog every day, but we happened to be at home this weekend, and I thought this was a good time. Here's my wonderful idea - post a professional outfit of the day on Instagram (which also posts to Twitter and Tumblr), and then recap every so often, as my schedule allows.

This idea was born out of a realization.  Before my new gig as a technical writer, I never had to dress professionally on a daily basis.  I had some "favorites" - some khaki colored dress pants and some sweaters and cardigans - but I wasn't utilizing the breadth of my closet.  After lamented that I had nothing to wear to work for the millionth time, H finally told me to dig through my whole closet, try everything on, get rid of the things that no longer fit me, and put everything work appropriate in a single place, so I would know what my options were.

On Friday, I did that.  And I realized that I have WAY more professionally-appropriate clothes than I thought.  It's all about the mix and match!  But I've also begun to understand that, if this is all new to me, it's probably also new to other post-grads in their twenties who are working at professional jobs for the first time.  And it's made even more obvious at my office, because there was a casual dress code in place until the first of this year.

All of this, when put together, got my brain working.  I wanted to do something to prove two things:

  1. Young professionals can also be stylish.  While I wouldn't consider myself on-trend or anything like that, I hate frumpy.
  2. Clothes can be reworn in ways that make for completely different outfits.

I've seen other Instagram accounts that feature outfits of the day, and I've always liked them.  One that I particularly liked was a young mother who always featured her adorable daughter, a toddler, in all of her #ootd shots.  What I liked about it is that her face is never featured.  I think that's what has stopped me from hopping on the bandwagon before now.  I feel weird smiling in such a picture, but I've been given flack about not smiling, or just smirking, in pictures that do feature my face when my face isn't the focus.  So, no faces!  This is about the clothes, anyway.

I took a practice shot today specifically for this post.  Obviously, it's not a work day, but we went to church, and I dress similarly for church as I do for work.  I thought it would be a good sneak peak.

You also get a sneak peak of all of our clean dishes in the drying rack! Shirt: Gap Sweater: Scandal Collection at the Limited Pants: LC Lauren Conrad Boots: Express

I'm excited about this new challenge.  Let the fun begin!


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