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Weekend Plans #50

Oh, weekends.  How you fly by. Friday - longest. day. ever.  Okay, not really.  But it was a long day.  I started out at church, where I put the deposit down for our wedding.  Then I went to my TA job, where I was until dinner time.  Then H and I met up with my mom at the mall for dinner and a little bit of Christmas shopping.  And then we came home and took Ole for a nice walk.  And then... it was 11 pm.  Go figure.

Saturday - I started out the day making appointments for H's sister's wedding preparations.  Which is kind of fun - I should be a wedding planner.  That could be cool.  Anyway, then I took my car to an auto body place to get an estimate on the damage caused by being rear-ended last month.  H and I have been working on his grad school essays for most of the rest of the day, although I took a break this afternoon to get a massage (which was amazing!).  And now, here we are.  I'm editing.  He's fixing stuff where my edits are.  It's a good system.

Sunday - church, and then more editing, writing, and grading for me.  Hooray!  End of the semesters are fun, right?  Ehhh.

And then I start my new job on Monday!  Time is seriously flying.  What has everyone else been up to this weekend?


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