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Even More Wedding Excitement!

Well, guess what?  My classes are over for the semester!  Hooray!  That means that I only have one semester to go before I’m officially in possession of a Master’s degree.  How awesome is that?? Because I’m nearly over the hump (I still have some grading to do, and then I have to write a paper about an internship that I completed over the summer—it never ends!), I’ve been able to focus a little bit more on the planning of our wedding.  Which is a lot more fun!

Here are the updates:

  • We officially booked the church this morning! It had already been unofficially booked while we went through the new member process, but I like that it’s in the books now.  And the pastor who we worked with for the new member classes is presiding, which is very exciting to me!
  • Proofs of our save-the-dates are being mailed to us! Once we approve and officially choose the paper, we get to order them and then SEND THEM!  Then it becomes officially in everyone’s calendars!

These feel like big steps for me, especially since I’ve been so busy.  Everything is still on track, and I’m not stressed out (about the wedding, that is).

Happy Friday!


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