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Can you believe it?  I, of all people, have discovered that I love the show House of Cards.  Yes!  Me!  The one who hates politics!house of cards 2 I'm not sure what it was that made me want to try watching it again.  I saw one episode with H's brother one time, and decided that it wasn't for me.  I just didn't get it.  Politics, amirite?

No.  I was wrong!  I love it.  I love Frank Underwood's cold calculation, and his wife's complete support.  But it's not just that she supports him--she also helps him.  Because she's independent, and she's fiery, and I love her.  I loved Zoe Barnes' crazy, and her relationship with Lucas, and Doug Stamper doing all of Frank's bidding, and all of it.  I'm only a couple episodes into season two, and I'm already excited that there's a season three.  Yay, Netflix!

Have you watched this show?  Because you should.  I love it!house of cards 1


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