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Jingle Ball!

Don't get too excited, it's not the one in LA.  But!  Here in my home state, one of the local radio stations hosts a Jingle Ball, and K won tickets!  And, even cooler, she won meet and greets with Demi Lovato!jingle ball We saw (and heard, obviously) a whole bunch of acts, but the best two (in my opinion) were Demi and OneRepublic.  Nico and Vinz were pretty awesome, too, but they have so few songs that they weren't on stage for long.  But as the concert went on, the music became... less my type.  The "headliner," or last act, was Iggy Azalea.  Not my style, that's for sure.  But entertaining, I suppose.  For some people.

Demi and OneRepublic rocked it, though.  It was worth going to for them alone.

Also, we're besties with Demi now, obviously.best friend demi

Would we buy tickets next year?  Ehh.  Maybe?  Probably not.  But we agreed that if Demi tours again, we're on board with that!


House of Cards

"Really Don't Care" by Demi Lovato featuring Cher Lloyd