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As with most weeks, I don’t have the patience or mental capacity to write a blog post about Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder today.  When I have class on Wednesday nights, that happens.  I can’t focus on anything on Wednesday, but after class, I have a renewed sense of clarity.  So I usually decently productive on Thursdays.  Which is good. But today.  Blergh.

So, I thought I would share some updates about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness over in my little corner of the world.

First, H’s sister is home now and improving.  She is still not back to normal, obviously, but we’ve been talking quite a bit, and she’s doing better.  Thank you to everyone who said a little prayer for her.

Second, working myself to death this year is starting to pay off.  I got a call about a potential new job yesterday.  I don’t want to share anything more than that, yet, but I’m hoping that there will be updates on that in the future.  This was such a pleasant surprise.  My current full-time job has been beyond frustrating recently, which spurred me to apply for a sweep of jobs one day last week.  That’s where this comes from.

Third, I’m starting to get antsy already, since I haven’t been running.  Where I would find the time to run, I have no idea, but I’m itching to start doing something.  H talked about getting the bike trainer set back up in the basement for the winter, which would work for me.  Time is still an issue, but who needs to sleep?  I’m most productive in the mornings, so maybe a post-Ole-walk bike ride or yoga session is in order.  4:30 am is a good time to walk a dog, right?  Oy.

Fourth, WE GOT SNOW ON MONDAY.  AND TUESDAY.  AND TODAY.  Although it’s barely snowing today.  I’m so tired of this.  Winter is the worst.

Other than those things, not a whole lot is new.  Our wedding planning has stalled until we find bridesmaid dresses, now that I have asked my bridesmaids.  The next big things to worry about are the intense amount of homework that I have due before I leave for the West Coast and my travel to the West Coast!

Can’t wait to feel the rain on my skin.  That’s the only thing pushing me forward right now.  (That was a reference to the theme song from The Hills.  If you had to read this explanation to understand, you missed out on some reality TV gold.)


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