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"Blank Space" Video (!!)

So soon after the album release, too!  I had a whole different song lined up, but this takes precedent.  Taylor Swift is awesome.  Why, do you ask?  Doesn't this video show how melodramatic she is? No.  Goodness, no.

How do I know this, without knowing her personally.  Because, guess who directed the video?  No, really, I want you to guess.

No takers?


If that name means nothing to you, that makes me very sad for you.  He's been directing music videos for years, but that's not why I know his name.  No, I know his name because of the one feature film that he directed - Detention, featuring Josh Hutcherson as the lovably dim Clapton Davis.detention movie

It's a masterpiece in it's originality.  I've met no other person who likes it.  But this line, uttered by Clapton's friend/future lover-in-the-nighttime Riley Jones, speaks to me:

"Clapton Davis, you're more concept than reality."

Anyway, my point in all of this is that Joseph Kahn is the master of satire.  This video is Taylor making fun of herself.  And I love people who can make fun of themselves.

So, without further ado...




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