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My New Running (and Life) Goals

Today is normally my travel blogging day, but I wanted to share some new goals that I decided on after the race yesterday. I’m hurting pretty badly today, but that was to be expected, since my IT band was causing me trouble during my training. But it hasn’t made me stop wanting to keep running, to reach new heights. I have some new PR goals in mind for the coming year, and then some bigger goals for the future. This Year

Current 5K PR: 25:52

5K PR Goal: under 25:00

Current 10K PR: 53:02

10K PR Goal: under 50:00

Future Goals

Current Half Marathon PR: 1:53:37

Half Marathon PR Goal: under 1:50:00

Marathon Goal: to finish! And to qualify for Boston! But, to start: under 4:00:00

Yoga goal: Nail the Scorpion! And use yoga to strengthen my core (like I kept talking about doing in my training plan), so that I can run strong in the future.

What do you think? Realistic goals?

I may be hurting, but I never stop dreaming!


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