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Monster Dash Half Marathon Training, Week 11

We have finally reached the final week!  It certainly seems like it has flown by, even if that isn’t entirely true.  Here’s the (short) recap of this week – it’s short because I didn’t get a lot of running in, in case you were wondering. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – rest.

Again, like last week, it’s only considered rest in this situation.  Because it wasn’t restful at all!  I had a big project due on Wednesday morning, so I was short on sleep for most of the week.  But it’s done!  On to the next project!

Saturday – Good Turn 10K race with H.

So, here’s how this happened.  I will start from the beginning.

My (and my dad’s) training program called for a 12 mile run the weekend before the race.  I didn’t like that, because my knee hasn’t been as healthy as I’d wish, and I didn’t want to risk not being able to finish the race because of overwork.  So, instead of taking a recovery run weekend at the beginning of the month, I pushed through the long runs so that I could have a recovery week the week before the race.

Then, last weekend, H said that he needed to do a race before the end of the month in order to get enough activity to qualify for something that would lower his health insurance costs.  Or something like that.  It’s called a Wellness Program where I work, but I’m not sure what his program is called.  We discussed it and decided to use my recovery week to run a 10K – two birds.

The run itself was beautiful – at least for me.  H had a lot of issues with the falling leaves.  I find this time of year to be the absolute best, but I don’t have a seasonal allergy to the decaying fauna like he does.  He had a lot of trouble breathing (he also has asthma), and his knees have been giving him trouble.  The doctor said he might be losing cartilage, which makes me sad, since I’d love to have a regular running buddy (who could actually talk to me – no offense, Ole).  I ran at his pace, since I’ve been training, and he hasn’t been.  We also ran into an issue with the course – it wasn’t clearly marked in parts, so we ended up running about a half-mile further than we were supposed to.

All in all, we ran 6.73 miles in 1:17:00.  The pace was slow for me (around 11:30), but maybe a little on the fast side for H.  (Sorry, love.  I was trying to go slow.)  It was also on unpaved trails, so it probably wreaked a little more havoc than necessary on my knee (because of the instability).  But it was a good workout.  I’m glad we did it.

That's my city!

Weird ponytail thing that H thought was hilarious.

"Stop taking pictures of me!"

Ready, ready, ready, ready, ready to run.

Notice the backtracks and confusion.  Oy.

Then I spent the rest of the day looking for dresses with my sister, mom, and K.  Seester and I now both have dresses to wear to H’s sister’s wedding, and we’re working on bridesmaid dresses for ours!  We’re hoping to get lucky next time we shop!

Seester's work dress. Or librarian dress. But not bridesmaid dress.

Sunday – rest.

And I rested for real this time – after church, H studied all day, and I did laundry and watched reruns of the Big Bang Theory.



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