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Only ten weekends left this year?!  What??!!  When did that happen? This weekend has already been busy, as you can probably see, since I'm posting so late.  But it's been great fun, and very productive.

Friday:  I made dinner (homemade mac and cheese with vegetables in it with hot dogs) while H studied for his upcoming retake of the GRE.  Then we watched Criminal Minds until we were too tired.

Saturday:  We got up nice and early to go to the Good Turn 10K!  H actually ran with me, hooray!  I'll talk more about that on Tuesday, in my running post.  Then, I met up with my sister to look for a dress for her to wear to H's sister's wedding (we were successful!).  Then we met up with our mom for lunch, then with K to look at bridesmaid dresses for H's and my wedding!  Then, we met up with H for dinner.  Like I said... busy day.

Sunday:  Tomorrow, we will be attending church, then H will spend the day studying.  I plan to do laundry and homework.  Exciting?  Not especially.  But definitely needed!

How has everyone else's weekend been?


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