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As promised, here is my inspirational person post from last week. Why is Ellen inspiring to me? Oh, there are so many reasons. First, she uses humor to make people feel better, even to heal them. She has showcased so many people on her show who weren’t famous, weren’t anyone other than a normal person who needed to be healed. I love that. She’s an inspiration for that reason alone.

But she also inspires me because she came out on her own sitcom and then just ran with it. I believe she was on the cover of Time for that? Is that right?

Yes, that's right.

And since then, so many people have been able to follow in her footsteps. Which is a beautiful thing. It’s always inspiring when you help other people be who they truly are.

And then there are the quotes. Some are funny. Some are inspiring. And some are just perfect.ellen-show-funny-quotes-3 ellen_degeneres_quote-318 ellen 2 ellen 1

I’ll leave you with that.

And, as Ellen once said, just keep swimming.


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