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"Dirt" by Florida Georgia Line

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42uphHWxmFU As is often the case with country songs, I wasn’t expecting this video to hit me as hard as it did.  Florida Georgia Line often writes party-esque songs, and while I love those, something about the sound of this song was different.  But I couldn’t understand all of the words, so I had to look them up.  And then I watched the video.

And now I’m crying.  So, there’s always that.  It’s reminiscent of the first time I watched Jason Aldean’s video for “Tattoos on this Town.”  Which still makes me cry every time I watch it, in case you’re wondering.

Anyway.  Here’s the chorus:

It’s that elm shade red rust clay you grew up on

That plowed-up ground that your dad damned his luck on

That post-game party field you circle up on

When it rains, you get stuck on

Drift a cloud back behind county roads that you run up

The mud on her jeans that she peeled off and hung up

Her blue-eyed summertime smile looks so good that it hurts

Makes you want to build a ten-percent down white picket fence house on this dirt

This song is home.  It takes me home when I hear it.  No, I didn’t grow up on the Georgia clay or anything, but it’s the feeling it gives me.  It’s the feeling of going back to my roots.  I never thought I’d say that, not in a million years.  I wanted out of my hometown.  But now, after living in the city… home isn’t so bad.

You know you came from it

And one day you’ll return to it


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