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Our Engagement Pictures

Well, for the last couple of months, you’ve heard me talking about the wedding planning process on a couple of occasions.  I’m loving it, as I stated in a post from last month.  One thing that I was sure to do at the very beginning of the process, at the same time H and I were booking our reception venue and our ceremony location, was book our photographer.  I wanted to be sure we got someone who would truly capture us and our personalities, and who would grasp our view for what we wanted the day to look like.  I already knew who I wanted, right from the very beginning.  I wanted the photographers who did K’s wedding, who are also her family friends. So, we booked quite a while back, sometime in late July.  I wasn’t joking about “right away,” haha.  And it was worth it.AA(11)st AA(23)ss AA(37)st AA(40)st AA(44)sw AA(54)st

You can check out their work here.

Can you feel the love?  Which one is your favorite?


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