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Neil Patrick Harris

I wish it wasn’t already 11 pm, because I could write about NPH all day. He’s the best. He’s funny, he can act, he can sing, he can dance. He played a blind guy in that Beauty and the Beast movie with Vanessa Hudgens in it. He’s a child doctor! He’s a loving husband and father! He’s so many things, all rolled into one. It isn’t always the case that I respect actors and actresses for their decisions outside of entertainment – the drugs and sex and all that stuff. But I respect NPH. He seems to be exactly who he is, and that’s just so awesome.

I could go on, but I can hardly keep my eyes open. Here is some NPH advice for you to take with you today.

nph1 nph2 nph3

And a bonus picture of his family, because they're the cutest.


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