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Weekend Plans #38

Another busy weekend, but at least we’re at home! Friday – H took the GRE during the afternoon, and then we went out to dinner. Oh, and along the way, I ordered a dress for H’s sister’s wedding! So much excitement, all the dang time!

Saturday – Oh, gosh, where do I begin? Ole and I got up early to go for a long run (8.5 miles), and then I had an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed. Then, I met up with some high school friends, and we went apple picking! Then I returned home, and H and I went on an adventure to get ready for our engagement pictures, which are this week! It’s been a long day. We are relaxing on the couch and watching Criminal Minds on Netflix now.

Sunday – Church in the morning, then a bridal show in the afternoon! My mom, H’s mom, and K are coming with me. In the evening, H and I have our first new member class at church – we’re going to be members, guys! Exciting, right?

Wow. When am I supposed to sleep?


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