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Weekend Plans #37

Friday:  After working at two jobs, I picked up J1 and her fiancé, G, from the airport!  Because it’s a weekend with visitors! Saturday:  A busy day for everyone!  H and G are going on a brewery tour in the morning, and J1 and I are meeting with J2 and shopping for bridesmaid dresses for J1’s wedding!  Exciting, right?  Then we’re going to do some more shopping, and we’re hopefully going to meet up with K and her husband in the evening for drinks or dessert!  Oh, and I have to run in the morning.  Is that enough to pack into a single day?

Sunday:  Maybe hiking?  Maybe relaxing?  We don’t know yet!  That’s what’s fun, right?  Then, I have to (unfortunately) take J1 and G back to the airport.

It’s going to be a quick weekend, but a fun one!


Boundary Waters Canoe Area

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