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I’ve been straying from my blog schedule, as of late. But I’m back today. It’s been a long and exciting weekend (check back on Tuesday for more details on that!), so this is going to be fairly brief. Zooey Deschanel is a great actress. Jess, her character in New Girl, is an inspiration to me. Mostly because she’s funny and she holds her own in an apartment full of men. Also, she plays an elementary school teacher, and I have a great respect for the people who shape the future. So, that’s the first cool thing about her.zd1

Second, she sings. In fact, she sings the New Girl theme song. That’s pretty sweet, too.zd2

But the coolest thing about Zooey Deschanel? She writes. She founded the site hellogiggles.com, which you should visit, if you’ve never been there.

The women of Hello Giggles.

She writes, and she inspires, and she’s just all around great. Don’t you think?


"Break Free" by Ariana Grande, featuring Zedd

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