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Finally! Some real relaxing! And running and biking, but that’s fun, too. Friday – I had to meet with my new boss (for the graduate teaching assistant job) to sign all of the tax documents and what not. I also got some more information, which frightened me a bit, but I’ll be scared no matter what, because teaching. Then, H and I watched Horrible Bosses, because he’d never seen it! He approved, by the way. I knew he’d think it was funny.

Saturday – an 8-mile run with my friend from high school, who decided to run the same half marathon as my dad and I! I hardly ever get to run with people, so I’m excited.

Sunday – a 45 mile bike ride with H! It’s a planned “classic” bike ride through the cities we live in, and I’m excited. Lots of cross-training is always good, too!

What are your weekend plans for this lovely September?


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