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Weekend Plans #31

Happy Saturday! Weekends seem to fly by, and this one has been just as busy as the last couple. But fun! Always fun. Friday: After working a full day (ugh), H and I drove to my parents’ house for the evening.

Saturday: Mom and I woke up early to run the town 5K! We finished in 28:27, which is fairly impressive for me, since I haven’t run in quite a while (two months, to be exact). And my mom! I’m so proud of her! Then, I got all of my hairs cut, which was needed. I’m growing it out for the wedding, so I need to keep it trimmed and neat-looking. For dinner, my parents, H, and I went to a small-town restaurant on the river, one of our favorites. It was an all-together wonderful day.

Sunday: Rest day! All I want to do is sleep in. The rest of the day is open before we have to head back home. But I’m excited to rest!

Hope everyone’s weekends are going well!



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