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Oh man, this weekend was a blur. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time that I hoped for, so this post is going to be shorter than I wish it was. But we just got home from our quick trip to the Windy City, and I’m exhausted. So. I’ll be brief. I love Emma Stone. I think she’s smart, and she’s genuine, and she has fantastic comedic timing. She’s one of those actresses that makes me want to see movies without knowing or caring about the plot. I go just because she’s in the movie.

I love her because she’s true to herself, too. And she was the perfect Skeeter in The Help, and also the perfect Olive in Easy A. She’s perfect. And here is why:emma stone 1 emma stone 2 emma stone 3

Don’t you agree?


"I Love You Will Still Sound the Same" by Oh Honey

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