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Writing about vacations I want to take while I’m already on vacation seems like a strange thing to do, but that’s how the dates worked out.  So here I am, talking about India while I’m in the North Woods, just about polar opposites. India has had a special place in my heart as far as dream vacations go since I was a sophomore in college.  I took a world religions class, and we spent at least a month learning about the Hindu religion.  It fascinated me, and it made me want to experience it for myself.

The fascination continued when I saw the movie Slumdog Millionaire.  When primitive meets vast wealth, there’s always an interesting story.

And it continued when a family friend spent a month in India being trained by a yogi.  She had only good things to stay, she lived with a host family, and it sounded like a truly life-changing experience.

I don’t even need to look anything up to convince people to travel to India.  I can’t wait for it to be my turn.india 1 india 2 india 3

Happy vacationing.


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