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"Road Between" by Lucy Hale

Listen here. This is the quintessential twenty-something song.

I’m still getting to the good part

The breaking down

Learning how to write my story

And I’m in the middle of the madness

The live and lose

Finding who I’m going to be

From the start until the end

I’m still learning the road between

lucy hale road betweenHow many times have I thought those very words?  How long have I been wandering, trying to figure out who I was?

It makes me feel a little better that even people like Lucy Hale – a singer, actor, someone who has been very successful at a young age – can still feel confused about where they are going.  The song itself is about finding love, but I think it can also be about finding yourself.  Usually, the two start to come together at about the same time.

I don’t really have much else to say about it.  I’m really excited to hear the whole album though, especially after “You Sound Good to Me,” and then this song, which is the title track.  And Pretty Little Liars starts up again June 10th!  Yay!

I just think she is gorgeous.  I want hair like hers.


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