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Weekend Plans #17

Oh!  It’s good to be in the South again.  I didn’t realize I missed it until I was back.  But once I saw the roads I used to drive on and the landmarks I used to pass on a daily basis, my heart started aching a little bit. I was telling J2 yesterday that this place left such a bad taste in my mouth that I honestly didn’t miss it until I started planning to come back.  Then I couldn’t wait.  And now I’m here.  And I’m going to have trouble leaving, let me tell you.

I fell in love with this place once, and this is exactly why.  Sheer beauty.

Anyway, enough of the emotional crap.  Ha.  Here’s my weekend plan!

Friday:  J2’s defense!  And she (obviously) passed with flying colors, and we spent the rest of the day celebrating and relaxing, and it was amazing.  We were up late talking and watching Friends and Modern Family and it was the perfect day.[i]

Saturday:  I got up and ran this morning (9 whole miles, woo!), showered, and J2 and her dad and I are now chilling in her living room and planning the day.  We have to buy J2 a new vacuum (because we’re cool like that) and then we’re going to walk around town.  And!  I get to see my former roommate and her husband today too!

Sunday:  No plans yet!  J2’s dad flies back home in the late morning, and it’s supposed to be in the 80’s, so J2 and I were thinking about just hanging out outside maybe.  I can’t wait to feel some 80’s.  Man.  I can’t wait.

These are the weekends that I live for.  I love and miss the South.



[i] Which kind of works out, because it was April 25th – not too hot and not too cold, and all we needed was a light jacket.  :)


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