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"Peace" by O.A.R.

Listen here.o.ar_.-peace I’m not sure how many people know about O.A.R.[i]  I know they’ve become more mainstream in the last three-ish years or so, but I’ve liked them since high school.  So when I heard they had a new song out, I knew I wanted to hear it.  And then, when I did hear it, I fell in love with it like I’ve never done for an O.A.R. song before.


I think because it’s slow.  I have a soft spot for ballads.  And I really just… I like it.  Here’s the chorus:

I just want to make you laugh

I just want to see that smile

Babe, we’re only here, oh, for a little while

I just want to hold you until we fall asleep

I want love, I want us

I was you, I want me

I want peace

I can’t imagine that a person who has ever loved someone has never thought this.  I know that H has basically said this to me.  There are days where we just can’t seem to get along, where there’s something bothering one of us that we can’t get over.  And he’ll do something ridiculous, just to make me laugh.  Or, if I’m mad, he’ll make me stop whatever I’m doing and smile, even if it’s forced and faked.  He knows me.  And we both know that it’s better to love than to fight.  It’s really that simple.

That’s what I think when I hear this song.  It’s better to love than to fight.  And it is.  It always is.



[i] Which stands for “Of A Revolution”, in case you didn’t know.

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