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Weekend Plans #13

It’s the last weekend of March!  What??  How did that happen already?  This year is just flying by.  In any case, it’s an exciting weekend here at H and A’s.  J2 is coming back for another visit! Did I mention that J2 is moving to my state??  I don’t think I have!  She got the fellowship position that she was interviewing for when she came to visit at the beginning of February, and will be moving up here this summer!  Yay!  She will still be an hour from me, but it’s way better than the 24 hour car ride it took me to get home from there when I moved away!  I’M SO EXCITED!!

So, this weekend, she’s coming for a visit to look at apartments, and I get to go with her!  Yay![i]

Here’s how the weekend is going to break down:

Friday:  Left work early to go to the doctor (not fun) and pick J2 up from the airport (fun!).  After dinner with H and J2, J2 and I met up with K to go see the Divergent movie!  Finally!

Saturday:  J2 and I traveled down to her new home city in my trusty Buick to check out the apartments and townhomes she found online.  Then, we’re grabbing some lunch, and then driving back up to where I live to meet H and explore the Mall of America!  Because J2 has never been there, and it’s not far from where we live.

Sunday:  Will drop J2 off at the airport again (sad) and potentially meet up with another friend to have a marathon writing session?  Maybe?  Bueller?

Another busy weekend in the life of H and me.  But a fun one, too!



[i] Have I used enough exclamation points yet?  Can you tell I’m excited?

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