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Weekend Plans #11

Another busy weekend for H and I! H’s parents and younger brother arrived on Friday afternoon, and we joined them for a nice dinner.

Saturday morning, bright and early, H, his mom, my dad, and I got ready for the Get Lucky 7K and Triple 7K (which is a half marathon).  I was supposed to run the half with H and his mom, but my physical therapist said my knee wasn’t ready for it.  And the marathon in June is more important to me, so I dropped down to the lesser distance and recruited my dad to run with me.  Then, it’s off to my hometown (which is also where H’s aunt and uncle live) for H’s cousin’s skating show and H’s night out with the guys.[i]  I’m also hoping to get some baking done, because…

Today is also H’s birthday!  Yay!

Sunday should be more low-key.  All I have planned is a Skype meeting with my group for a class group project.  I’m excited for the down time.

I’m planning a race recap on Tuesday, so stay tuned for that!

Happy weekend!


[i] Which I wasn’t invited to.  Not that I’m bitter, but I think it’s a little sexist.  That’s all I’m saying.


Baking for those with peanut allergies