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What If Everyone Ran?

Yesterday, I received this link in an email from Mizuno. I love my Mizuno shoes, but what I have found to be more interesting is the Mezamashii Run Project that they have started.  They want to get back to the reason a lot of people started running in the first place.  Because it makes them feel free.  Because it’s a breath of fresh air.  Because you’re going back to basics.  It’s a community of people who feel like running takes them somewhere else, and I love that.

Apparently, the people at Mizuno have been doing some research into what a difference it would make if everyone ran.  And the results were pretty awesome.

You should click the link at the top.  And then you should go for a run.  I would join you if I could, but I am still under strict limitations from my physical therapist.  But soon.



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