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Weekend Plans #8

Le sigh.  H and I are packing up to return to the frigid Midwest today. That’s pretty much our entire weekend.  Yesterday, we were able to enjoy our last day in Texas by going out for lunch and dinner and visiting the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center, where we saw a lot of ducks.  And some other birds (and an alligator!), but mostly ducks, and duck butts.[i]  We ended the day with one last ride on the boat, where we saw about a dozen dolphins!  Oh, I never want to leave this place.

Duck butt.

He looks relatively friendly, no?


Today, we are flying home.  Tomorrow, we are retrieving Ole from my parents’ house.  And then it’s back to normal… sigh.  Normal sucks.

The worst part is that it appears our Midwestern home got about a foot of snow while we were gone.  Phooey.

I better get back to it.  I’m not packed yet.  Defiance, and stuff, since I really don’t want to go back to the cold.

Le sigh.  I really don't want to go home.


[i] You know when the ducks go halfway under water to get food or whatever?  What’s left above the water?  Duck butts.


What about the people you don't stay friends with?