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"Carolina" by Parmalee

Listen here.

There are a lot of country songs about being away from the person you love.  I have a soft spot for ones like this, where people are compared to places.  Here is the chorus:

She feels like Carolina

Looks like California

Shiny like those New York lights on Broadway

When she looks back, I’m behind her

I’ll always be there for her

She makes me feel like home’s not so far away

There’s not a whole lot that I can really analyze, because this is a pretty typical I’m-trying-to-make-it-as-a-singer country song.  But I thought that I would talk about something that is suddenly popular in country music.

What does it mean when a girl looks like California?

What does California look like?

There was a Rascal Flatts song that came out when I was in college called “She’d Be California.”[i]  I’m not sure this is where the trend started, but this one made a little more sense to me.  She’d be California if California was a girl.  That makes sense.  But looking like California?  Is that the country way of saying that she looks like a movie star?  Or a model?  Or that she’s blond and blue-eyed?  Does that mean that I could never look like California?

While we’re on the topic, what does it mean to feel like Carolina?

In the end, none of that really matters, since I genuinely like this song.  It gets stuck in my head a lot, and I find myself singing it at work at random times.  It’s catchy, it’s cute, and I like it.  So the lyrics don’t make complete sense.  Whatever.

I still recommend it.


[i] You can listen to that song here.

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