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Oh, gosh, why do I want to go to New Zealand?  There are so many reasons.  Sheep outnumber people there, which sounds fun to me.[i]  The Lord of the Rings movies were shot there, so in my head, it looks like Middle Earth.  It’s rugged.  It’s foreign.  It’s on the other side of the world! Apparently, the population is pretty small, but they all seem to love it there, from what I've heard.

I feel like most of my blog posts are full of words, and I’m thankful that so many people take the time to read them.  But today, I want it to be about the pictures.

Look at how clear the water is!

newzealand 2

It looks like the edge of the world.

newzealand 4

Hey, look!  A sheep!

newzealand 6


I seriously wasn't kidding about the sheep.

Who wants to join me in New Zealand someday?[ii]


[i] Crowds are not my favorite, so visiting a place with more animals than people would be pretty cool.

[ii] Lucky you, K, you’ve already been there!

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